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  • All weight loss is a process in which the control of food intake is an essential part, that should be associated with regular physical exercise.

    Arícia Motta

    Agility, disposition, energy, elimination of pain, improved comfort in air travel, increased self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence. Science transformed into dream fulfillment! Feeding plans, recipes, supplementation strategies and motivation techniques combined to achieve your goal.

    We will assist you in achieving your goals by prescribing a precise diet plan and all the necessary nutritional support, including supplements, with scientifically proven efficacy and safety. The nutrition monitoring includes: Nutritional Status Assessment, Metabolic Evaluation, Specific Food Plan and Food Supplementation, if necessary.

  • Arícia Motta Nutrição brings quality of life to your company. Through multiprofessional activities, your employees will receive the necessary knowledge to improve their nutrition and, consequently, their health.

    Arícia Motta

    LSCI - LifeStyle Change Intervention
    If you dream about transforming your career, your relationships, your body, having a healthier life, improving your levels of glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine... COACHING can help you achieve this goal. Coaching is a way to get you where you want making use of your unique and valuable internal resources. A transformation based on your beliefs and values. One thing is certain: 23 years of experience in the transformation of lives will be at your fingertips for you to reach your own goals.

    Productivity and quality of life
    Do more in less time, transform your dreams into accomplished projects. If you are a successful businessman, but your health is in shambles, this shows that your productivity deserves attention. The same happens if you are an excellent housewife and mother, but your personal and career aspirations and projects are shelved. Get to know our productivity courses on our website We offer in person and also online coaching services in order to optimize your achievements.

    Gratitude and weight loss
    Have you ever felt that you lack something but you do not know what it is? Ever found yourself looking at the empty cookie package and not realizing that it was you who ate it all? Learn more about how gratitude can be the trigger that will make you conquer the weight you've always dreamed of. Learn more about our online courses of MINDFULNESS EATING and LIVING A LIFE OF GRATITUDE on our websit

  • Arícia Motta Nutrição helps you to achieve your maximum performance, through a work aimed at results.

    Arícia Motta
    Emagrecer, competir ou vencer?

    To lose weight, to compete or to win? Whatever your goal, food provides the essential nutrients for the body to perform the desired activities. When it comes to athletes, food must be personalized. Each sport requires its own nutritional conduct. Under extreme physiological conditions, nutritional needs must be carefully evaluated. We will help you achieve your maximum performance, through a work aimed at results.

  • Arícia Motta Nutrição offers individualized nutritional monitoring with scientific information in order for you to achieve your goals.

    Arícia Motta

    Beauty opens doors to personal and professional relationships. It is part of our self-esteem. Nutrients and nutraceuticals in food stimulate our muscles, skin, nails and hair. To say that beauty is something interior is more than saying that we should nourish our minds, soul and spirit with extraordinary values. It is also to recognize that our cells are made up of the components of the food we eat and that our choice of food contributes to our own light getting even brighter.

    Aesthetics is related to the perception of what is beautiful, and nothing better than to feel beautiful in a healthy way! A balanced diet is essential for us to be healthy. Besides, recent scientific studies show that through nutritional interventions it is possible to achieve certain aesthetic results. Arícia Motta Nutrição offers individualized nutritional counsel with scientific information, in order for you to reach your goals. Our nutritional monitoring includes: Nutritional Status Assessment, Metabolic Assessment, Specific Food Plan and Food Supplementation, if necessary.

  • Caring for your child begins even before birth. The attention and affection that awaits him or her out here can be demonstrated with the care you have with your health.

    Arícia Motta

    Planning a pregnancy already transforms us. Receiving the positive test result fills us with joys and uncertainties that we have never experienced before. And it is in this whirlwind of emotions that we are inundated with myths about the care with our food and its consequences in the life of our most precious possession. It is a mix of responsibility for the baby created and guilt to be equally concerned about losing the physical shape that was hard earned through training and diets. To know and recognize the necessary care with maternal nutrition has become part of our great mission as mothers. Science and experience allied to ensure a pregnancy free of nutritional complications e terrorism is our goal as professionals of Arícia Motta Nutrição.

    Caring for your child begin even before birth. The attention and affection that awaits your baby out here can be demonstrated with the care you have with your health. The nutrition experienced at this stage will affect his/hers entire childhood. Nutrition monitoring is essential for the baby to develop properly and, later, so that the corporal modifications occurred in the mother can be reversed.

    The nutritional needs of pregnant women are related to the physiological changes of pregnancy. For each trimester, there should be a specific nutritional approach.

  • The demand for energy and nutrients is higher in childhood due to the large growth rate and development of the organism. Children do not yet have a sense of the importance of healthy eating and this increased need for nutrients ends up making common the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

    Arícia Motta

    Energy, concentration, intelligence, joy, safety, health and longevity: feeding contributes to all these aspects that we dream for our children. Our child nutritional counseling will guide parents and child, in all stages of the child’s life through adolescence, on: healthy food choices, proper nutrition in energy, vitamins and minerals, adequate growth and development, healthy living habits, prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases (DCNT), etc. Nutritional care is fundamental for the maintenance of good health in childhood, since the eating habits created at this stage will be reflected throughout adulthood.

    Nutrition Supervision

    Lives transformed by food! That's always been my dream. In 1997 I was able to fulfill my dream of working with my hobby and since then I have helped thousands of people transform their lives. The fact is that to achieve the desired transformation one needs to know the correct nutritional and motivational strategies. If you, like me, have a dream of transforming lives, but needs supervision, we can offer the technical support you need. Contact us at and tell us about your case so we can give you the proper guidance. See the investment required for each case.